How to order a repeat prescription




Medication Ordering

Both GP practices and community pharmacies are under immense pressure as a consequence of the increased volume of prescriptions being requested.

In order to process repeat prescription requests in the most timely and efficient manner, the way you order your prescription may need to change; the following methods are strongly encouraged:

image depicting medication

If you haven’t registered for the online service you can register for the NHS App from home using photo identification and a photo of your face. Or you can download the Airmid UK app. You can then use the app to order your medication.

Allow 1 full working week between placing your order and coming to collect your medication.

  • Check what medicines you have at home before re-ordering your prescription.
  • If you don’t need the medicine, don’t order it.
  • If you need the medicine in the future you can still request it.
  • This includes medicines that are prescribed to be used as and when required

If you have any queries about your medication or need advice from a doctor please complete an online request.  We will reply to you by the next working day if not sooner.


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We are fortunate to have an on-site dispensary which means we can dispense medicines directly to those patients who live more than one mile (as the crow flies) from a community pharmacy.  The vast majority of our patients fall into this category and enjoy the convenience of a "one stop" service. Department of Health regulations do not permit us to dispense to patients who live less than a mile from a community pharmacy, in this case your prescription will be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.

The Dispensary is open Monday - Friday with the Collections of routine medications from 8:30am - 6pm

Repeat medication can be ordered online - please see our Online page for details.  Please allow 1 full week between placing your order and coming to collect your medication.

If you have run out of your medication and need an urgent supply please phone 01395 232509, Select Option 1, between 11am - 1pm. If you are having problems managing your medication please speak to one of our dispensers.

Please note we are unable to take routine prescription requests over the phone.