From Monday 23rd March all prescriptions will be handed out from the Dispensary side door

We are taking these steps to minimise the risk of exposure to Coronavirus for our patients and staff

When queuing please follow guidance on social distancing, maintaining a distance of atleast 1 meter from other people

If you would like a community volunteer to collect your prescription for you please call The Friends of Woodbury Surgery on 01395 206123.  Leave a message with your name and contact number and they will get back to you.

Please continue to order your repeat prescriptions online  If you are unable to use online services please post your request into the letter box at the Dispensary side door.

 Allow 1 full week between placing your order and coming to collect your medication.

  • Check what medicines you have at home before re-ordering your prescription.

  • If you don’t need the medicine, don’t order it.

  • If you need the medicine in the future you can still request it.

  • This includes medicines that are prescribed to be used as and when requireds

If you have any queries about your medication or need advice from a doctor please complete an eConsult  We will reply to you on the same working day

We are fortunate to have an on-site dispensary which means we can dispense medicines directly to those patients who live more than one mile (as the crow flies) from a community pharmacy.  The vast majority of our patients fall into this category and enjoy the convenience of a "one stop" service. Department of Health regulations do not permit us to dispense to patients who live less than a mile from a community pharmacy.

The Dispensary is open Mon - Fri   8 am - 6 pm

Repeat medication can be ordered online - please see our Online page for details.  Please allow 3 clear working days between placing your order and coming to collect your medication.

If you have run out of your medication and need an urgent supply please phone 01395 232509, Option 1, between 11am - 1pm.  If you are having problems managing your medication please speak to one of our dispensers.

Please note we are unable to take routine prescription requests over the phone.

For enquiries please email woodbury.dispensary@nhs.net

For more information please read our Dispensary Leaflet


Exempt from prescription charges?

If you do not pay prescription charges because you hold one of the following:

  • Medical Exemption Certificate
  • Maternity Exemption Certificate
  • Prescription Pre-payment Card
  • War Pension Exemption Certificate
  • NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate
  • HC2 certificate (full help with health costs)
  • Income Support/ Job Seekers Allowance/ ESA

You need to be aware that these certificates all require renewal at varying time intervals or are time limited, and will expire.

It is your responsibility to ensure you always have a valid certificate and renew your certificate before it expires- Woodbury Surgery Dispensary will not be informed when your certificate requires renewal or has lapsed, and there is a risk you will be fined if your certificate is not valid.

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is responsible for checking claims for free NHS prescriptions, and recovering charges from patients who incorrectly claim they do not have to pay. It issues NHS Penalty Charge Notices in accordance with the National Health Service (Penalty Charge) Regulations 1999. You'll be asked to pay the original NHS prescription charges, and an additional penalty charge of up to £100. If no payment has been made within 28 days, a surcharge may be added.

You can check if your certificate is still valid online at:


In order to help you avoid penalties, our dispensers ideally need to see your exemption certificate every time you collect your prescriptions. We can make a note in your medical record of the type of certificate and expiry date so that we can prompt you when you need to renew.

Please do not be offended if our dispensers ask to see your certificate; we are trying to ensure you don’t receive an expensive and surprise penalty notice!

Please remember to bring along your certificate next time you collect medication.

If you are applying for any of these exemptions for the first time please speak to a member of the dispensary team, who will provide you with the necessary form.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding

Drs Liz Crawford and Liz Acheson, Woodbury Surgery