We are fortunate to have an on-site dispensary and can dispense medicines directly to many of our patients


Using The Dispensary

The Dispensary is open Monday - Friday. 

Collection of routine medications between 8:30am - 6pm from our dispensary counter. 

If you need to speak to a dispenser, phone: 01395 232509 between 9.30am - 4.30pm and press option 1

Please note we are unable to take routine prescription requests over the phone.

If you are housebound and would like a community volunteer to collect your prescription for you please call The Friends of Woodbury Surgery on 07546347311.  Leave a message with your name and contact number and they will get back to you.


Who Can Use the Dispensary?

Any patient registered at Woodbury Surgery who lives more than 1 mile as the crow flies from a community pharmacy may obtain all their medication from the dispensary. Temporary residents can also use the services of the dispensary. To check eligibility please ask.

Department of Health regulations do not permit us to dispense to patients who live less than a mile from a community pharmacy, in this case your prescription will be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.

We do not dispense medication to any patients registered on the out of area scheme.


Why Use the Dispensary?

  • Convenience: one stop healthcare, collect your medication before you leave the surgery.
  • Safety: the dispensary uses the same clinical IT systems as our GPs. Prescriptions made by a GP can be accurately and immediately viewed in your medical record by our dispensers, who can also immediately alert the prescriber to any problems with medicine supply or raise any queries quickly.
  • Keep our small village surgery alive: every time you use our dispensary you generate income for the practice. Profits are small, but they are reinvested back into the practice to provide you with outstanding health care. Sadly in recent years many hundreds of small communities have lost their GP surgeries. Support the dispensary and you can stop this happening in Woodbury.

Repeat Prescriptions

Medication that is required on a regular basis will be added to a repeat prescription so that you can obtain it without seeing a doctor each time you need it.

We supply 28 days of repeat medications. This is in line with government guidance as it reduces waste, and keeps the amount of medication stored at home and in the dispensary to a minimum.

By far the best way to order repeat prescriptions is using the NHS app or Airmid UK app if you have a smart device.

Alternatively you can login on a PC using SystmOnline. We can generate you a secure login which will enable you to accurately and conveniently request repeat medications and leave messages with our dispensary or GPs without visiting the surgery.

Well over 50% of our patients now use an online service to manage prescriptions and book appointments, and we would love to encourage you to do the same. Be in charge of your care!

If you are the parent of a child under 11, or the carer for an adult who is unable to use a computer, we can set you up to order medication on their behalf.


How to Order repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are usually processed in 1 working week but it can take longer if there are difficulties obtaining medicines from our suppliers. If your medication will be delayed we will endeavour to send you a text message or call you to let you know.

Please note that prescriptions requested after 5pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday morning, and therefore will not be ready for collection until Friday afternoon at the earliest.

To order, ideally use the NHS app, Airmid UK App or SystmOnline through our website. If that isn’t possible because you do not have internet access then tick the items you require on your repeat prescription slip and place it in the collection box in the foyer.

If the online service prevents you re-ordering, simply free text us a message and your GP will review and re-authorise the medication for another 12 month period - you do not need a GP appointment for this.

It is important that you tell us if you no longer need a medication, you feel they are not working or causing side effects, or you cannot manage the medication. Your GP will review your medication at least once annually.


Prescription Charges

Please view our Fees Section for more information on charges and exemptions.


Collecting Medication on Someone's behalf. 

We understand you may have to ask someone to collect medication on your behalf for a variety of reasons. 

We ask where possible and appropriate for you to provide the following information:

  • Are they collecting your regular monthly medication or a prescription following a recent consultation with a doctor?
    • Why are we asking? The dispensary team process and prepare hundreds of prescriptions per day and as a team are not always aware of prescriptions pending. 
  • If we arrange your monthly medication collection we need to know what you will need for the following month. 
    • Why can't we request everything on repeat? This helps to avoid over ordering, stock piling and destroying unused medication. 
  • Are they paying for your prescription? - You may have to pay for your presciptions, or have paid for a prepayment certificate. You may have an exemption from being medicaly exempt to receiveing universal credits. For a full list of exemptions please view here.
    • Why must we know? - Completing the back of the prescriptions accurately is very important as you could recieve an expensive fine of £100.

You can note these details on paper and into a sealed envelope to ask your helpful relative, friend, neighbour or support worker etc to pass to the dispensary team to action for you.


How do I obtain medication when the dispensary is closed?

If you find yourself without medication when the surgery is closed and you need it urgently there are 2 options:

  • Call 111 who can arrange a prescription to be sent electronically to a community pharmacy
  • Take your repeat medication slip to a community pharmacy and they may be able to give you an emergency supply at cost price.

Please do not go to A&E or a minor injuries unit - this would be an inappropriate use of urgent care services, you are likely to have a very long and needless wait.


Problems, Concerns, or Complaints?

If you have a problem with your medication or the dispensary please speak to one of our dispensers or your GP in the first instance. We can usually resolve any issues quickly.

If your concern cannot be resolved, or you feel that you need to make a complaint please ask to speak to one of the GP Partners or the Practice Manager.

Compliments and positive feedback are welcome too!