Why Does The Receptionist Ask?

They are not being “nosey”, they ask because we GPs have asked them to ask you!

We train our reception staff to gather certain information in order to ensure that our patients receive:

  • The most appropriate medical care
  • From the most appropriate health professional
  • At the most appropriate time

The brief information collected by the receptionist will:

  • Help us to prioritise those patients who need urgent medical attention
  • Help us to determine the order of our home visits and telephone calls
  • Where appropriate, enable patients to be seen by a nurse or other health professional rather than a doctor

Like all members of the Practice team, our Receptionists are bound by the same strict confidentiality rules as the doctors and nurses.

  • Any information given by you is treated in the strictest confidence
  • You can ask to speak to a receptionist in private away from the reception counter

If, however, you feel an issue is very private and do not wish to say why you want an appointment, the receptionist will of course respect your decision.